Katieeee (ashaketotheleft) wrote,

I have clinicals the next two days.
That's going to fucking suck.

I have the flu too.
I've been out for a week out.
They even sent me home from work Sunday.
Then I slept all day. It was terrible. I felt like shit.

I still don't feel too well.
My head is still pounding and my throat is verry sore.
It's only a little after 9, but I'm considering showering and going to bed.
Maybe I'll feel better for clinicals tomorrow.

I think I'm going to start putting in apps here soon for another job.
I really need to meet people.
I'm also considering Hustler (an adult store) I'm bound to meet people there.
I don't only want a boyfriend, it would be nice to meet new friends too. =]
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